Prevention Protocol

Your safety is our priority

Because of the pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19, we want to inform you the measures taken by Own Hotels to guarantee the safety of all the people that stay and work for and in our hotels.

Through the implementation of protocols specially designed for each of the hotels in the chain, general protection measures have been implemented for guests, employees and suppliers with which we guarantee a safe and reliable experience that respects the standards endorsed by Bureau Veritas, the global testing, inspection and certification Service Company convened for this purpose.

To do this, we have put into practice procedures and services stipulated for each of the hotel areas, intensifying the cleaning and sanitizing routines.

The new measures are:

  • We take the temperature of all guests at check-in.
  • We ask our guests during check-in if they require cleaning service during their stay. Service cannot be offered when the guests are inside the room.
  • We carry out the proper disinfection of all suitcases, handbags and other items for external use that enter the establishment.
  • We request the use of masks in public areas.
  • We have placed an acrylic screen in the Front Desk that works as a protective barrier between the receptionists and the guests.
  • All spaces are duly marked on the floor to respect the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the receptionists and the guests, as well as between them.
  • Guests have the recommended option of online pre-check-in to avoid waiting and lines at the reception.
  • Guests have a mobile application from which they can register online without having to sign or touch any item.
  • The delivery of keys and envelopes, if needed, is done through a properly sanitized acrylic tray.
  • During check-out, guests must deposit their keys in a box.
  • Guests can access all hotel information through quick and easy access QR codes, located in visible places.
  • Our Restaurants were adapted to maintain social distance between tables.
  • We have modified our breakfast service by extending the service times and offering the room service option.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in all areas, including alcohol disinfection of light keys, elevators, door handles, telephones, keyboards, etc.
  • We encourage all of our staff to frequently wash their hands.
  • We have a greater number of gel alcohol dispensers available to guests and staff.
  • Gloves are compulsory for all cleaning staff.
  • Bed and bath linen is sanitized under a thermal process higher than 70°C and with the CLAX system (dosage guaranteed by automated equipment), which provide security in the hygienic quality of the final result, ensuring hygienic cleaning standards and disinfection.

Aware that today we have to do something that transcends the guest experience in our hotels, we are committed to a situation where the power of hospitality must be present above all things. We know that what is happening will change us now and forever.

We are prepared to receive you at Own Hotels with the commitment to give everything so that you can enjoy your stay, as we have done so far, creating experiences that are exceeded day by day based on the demand of those who live them.

We are waiting for you!

Own Hotels